Naugatuck, Conn. Privilege USA

If they sense it, you are guilty of it.

There is bad news for the borough of Naugatuck, Connecticut.

The jig is up.

The woke, sensory police have completed their investigation and the town of 31,000 has been exposed as having a problem with, you guessed it, race.

"There’s a sense of privilege in the town so there is a perception that there is this "good old boy" network," President of the Greater Waterbury NAACP Ginnie-Rae Clay told Fox 61.

Not just any privilege, white male privilege.

With solid evidence like Ginnie-Rae’s “sense” and the smoking gun that is her “perception” regarding Naugatuck this case is open and shut. Bullet-proof.

You won’t hear a defense of the community from Mayor Pete Hess. He’s not telling the NAACP to go pound sand, he’s all in on the findings and more than happy to fall in line with the recommendations, which we’ll get to in a bit.

"We believe in the notion of 'Naugy Strong' and to me that includes the concepts of equity, diversity and inclusion. To the extent that there is a perception that is not the case we will work to eliminate that perception," Mayor Hess told Fox 61.

This all started a couple of years ago when the then 13-year-old daughter of the Chief of Police and Assistant Vice Principal of Naugatuck High School used Snapchat to send vile messages to a friend.

“I’ll make my dad drive with lights and sirens and if we see any black people we will shoot them,” one message reads.

Another message read, “My dad is now officially police chief so that means he’s more advanced in shooting black people then he was just a couple minutes ago.”

Obviously these messages are gross and inappropriate and it is good that they were widely condemned but in case we all lost all recollection of our early teen years, gross and inappropriate is the preferred realm of dialogue when one is 13 years old.

The correct response is the wrath of mom and dad and not a social justice audit of the entire town.

But the squishes in town government along with Mayor Hess are so quick to tremble in the hot, woke spotlight that they brought in the pros to declare what their penance shall be to publicly absolve them from sin.

And the arbiters of social justice did just that.

The NAACP put out its list of demands, one after the other, and town leadership politely choked down every single one in the “Thank you sir, may I please have another” spirit:

•Schedule a series of Town Hall meetings to discuss issues openly, fairly and without retaliation.

Yes, we’ll publicly declare our wretchedness at every turn. We are very bad, privileged, good ole boys. We are “Naugy weak.”

•Minor Child should issue a public apology.

Find the teenage girl and throw her in front of the woke tribunal. Make her loudly repent for her sins!

•Minor Child should attend cultural sensitivity training at the full cost of her parents.

Send this possessed child to re-education camp and bill the enablers who spawned her!

•Minor Child should not have access to her fathers or any firearms

How many fathers does she have? And was she allowed to use dad’s service revolver if she did the dishes?

•Chief Hunt must secure his firearms as require by state statue.

Is there a statue in the Nutmeg State that makes the gun laws? Also, I’m getting a “sense” that the Waterbury NAACP cannot spell and thus there is a “perception” that the phrase “secure his firearms as require by state statue” needs some fixing.

•Establish a resident driven Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI), supported 100% by the Mayor and town officials.

In other words, install a panel of woke czars to harangue, shake down and ultimately remake local government.

•Hire a Diversity Officer to facilitate the work and recommendations of the DEI Committee.

This is the muscle who delivers the “It would be a shame if something happened to your little School Committee” message.

•Ensure issues related to race and hiring practices are fair, impartial, and inclusive.

Let’s just say the days of Mayors looking like Pete Hess are over.

•Create a goal specific Affirmative Action Plan

Refer to Ginnie-Rae Clay’s '“sense of privilege” remarks for guidance on this.

•Recruit and Hire Minority teachers; Hire/Promote black professionals to leadership positions within the town.

Yes. To combat racism, use race to determine who gets what job.

"We agreed to that framework. It works for all of us and we intend to implement it right away," guffawed Mayor Pete Hess.

All because a 13 year-old girl acted dumb, like a 13 year-old girl.

“Naugy Strong,” indeed.