Sitemap - 2021 - Thoughts from the 42nd Parallel

The Racial Reckoning Scam Continues

The Contaminated Covid Corps

Tom Shattuck's Simple But Useful Hotel Tips

So Much for this St. Pauli Girl

Can An Italian-American Win The Presidency?

The Beatles: Get Back

Life is Good for Spoiled Dirtbags

You Paid for This Nuclear-Level Wokeness

Virtually the Entire National Media is Brian Williams

Games Rochelle Plays

America is Coming Back

This is a Sexist Post.

Little Glimmer of Hope

The Dogs That Ended Fauci

Stop the Fight

When is an accent not just an accent?

Are We Sure That's a Noose?

Get Your Activism out of the Bathroom


Getting High Off Racism

A Covid Question

When Animals Attack

Recall me, Maybe

Real Housewives of COVID

Humorless dumb dumbs

Horse Paste Propaganda

Biden is Broken

It's Women's Equality Day

American Exceptionalism Died Today

Biden is not okay

Ned Price Is Right For This Administration

Only Jerks Rent Dogs

Why do Bad Things Happen to Vaccinated People?

Masks on Kids

We all know an Andrew Cuomo

Tough Guys

Even Apple Pie Goes Bad

Three Cheers for Free Speech

BLM Throws in with the Brutal Communist Cuban Regime

Everyone's a Hero in Their Own Way

September 11, 2021: The Eight Month and Five Day Anniversary of January 6th

Race Arson at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Moor than meets the eye

Jerk of the week

Chauvin is Going Away for Murder, Not A Hate Crime.

How To Be A Member Of The White House Press Corps

Of Constitutions and Conservatives

Tanning is, You Guessed it: Racist

RIP Christopher Sign

A Snapshot of the Whipped Press

XXX Cable News

Dirtus Bagus

Kamala Harris has Reimagined the Border Crisis

You Don't Really Believe in Catastrophic Climate Change

No One to Play With

Leaning in to Foreign Policy Folly

A credentialed grifter is still a grifter

Matt Siegel's run-in with Wokeism

Mrs. Mask

Guys in suits

Sayonara CNN


Good Days for Dogs on the Horizon

Aviator Glasses and Timberland Boots

Statue Zealots are the Worst

Muting by Mask


Naugatuck, Conn. Privilege USA

Hello? Is anybody there?

Meteor Matters

Trailer Trash Talk

Brian Stelter gives fats a bad name

Dumb Camp

It's on

Nothing personal, Georgia.

Unrest in the Streets

Rochelle Walensky's Theatre of Doom

Elmo’s not red. He’s a jerk.

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